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How to Tie a Ju Jitsu Belt

Many students worry about "how to tie a Ju Jitsu Belt" so we have put together some simple instructions for you.

We have also found a simple video for you on how to tie a Ju-Jitsu Belt.

It's good to learn how to tie a Ju Jits Belt but lets not get hung up on these details and lets concentrate our efforts on the more important issues.

It is more so with the parents of young students who would like to show them how to tie a Ju Jitsu belt but at the end of the day it is the same for all students.

Watch the videos a few times and you should be an expert in "How to Tie a Ju Jitsu Belt"

There are a couple of variations, some will lock it in place better but for now simply concentarte on the technique shown here.

The Benefits of Learning our Martial art -

Increase your Confidense and Self Esteem, Improve your health and fitness, Learn some life saving skills and come and make some new friends.

Come and Learn a very practical Martial art -

Targeting and Striking, Ground Defense, Hold Escapes, Take-Downs, Hold-Downs, Weapons Defense and Pressure Points

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