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Are Self-Defence and Martial Arts the same?
Although many people would have you believe otherwise, Martial Arts and Self Defense are not the same. If you are interested in Self Defense then be sure to choose an art that specifically dedicates time to Self Defense and not just follow Traditional or competitive aspects.

Who can take Ju-Jitsu?
Anyone! Size or sex does not matter. Whether you are looking for a Self-Defense, a family activity, to improve fitness or just for fun.

What do you learn from basic Ju-Jitsu?
How to escape an attack safely.
Escapes, Targeting & Striking.
Other classes will also cover; Ground Defense, Keychain Defence,
Take Downs and Hold Downs.

What types of Ju-Jitsu are there?
There are 3 basic types - Competitive, Traditional and Self Defence.

Do Ju-Jitsu techniques work?
Yes, the origins of these techniques date back thousands of years. Today they are used by Military and Police Forces Worldwide

Will Ju-Jitsu techniques work for me?
Yes, our techniques are easy to learn and have been developed to give room for a little error and personal interpretation. The techniques are very effective so there is no reason that they will not be effective for you.

Are the Techniques difficult to learn?
No, we utilize basic Body Movements in all of our techniques that virtually everyone is capable of performing, also if we can not teach a techniques in less than 3 minutes or you can not assimilate that technique in less than 3 minutes then we don't teach it. "It's as Simple as that"

Do you have to be flexible?
We spend a few minutes warming up and stretching before each class to avoid injury but as all of our kicks can be performed below waist level, you do not have to have the type of flexibility often associated with many Martial Arts.

How do I know if the Instructor is Certified?
Every instructor has an instructor you should be able to contact the schools instructor and ask any questions about your instructor.

Are all Martial Arts some form of self-Defence?
No! In fact only a few limited ones are, Some Martial Arts are aimed at Competition, others may concentrate on Traditional aspects. Ju-Jitsu is the main Self-Defense art. Our form of Ju-Jitsu concentrates specifically on Self-Defense.

What is Ju-Jitsu?
Ju-Jitsu is the basis for many martial arts, including Judo, Karate and Aikido.
The essence of Ju-Jitsu is the ability to move from one technique to another to defend yourself.
A traditional Japanese Martial Art derived of:
Kicking and punching,
Pressure point control
Ground Defense

How will I benefit from classes?
Improve fitness Level,
Improve Health
Learn a lifesaving skill,
Improve Confidence,
Have fun
Boost Energy levels,
Reduce Stress.

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