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Testimonials for Ju Jitsu Calgary

We really believe in the system that we teach but don't just take our word for it, have a listen to some of our students:

#1 - Ju Jitsu is for Everyone...

"I started training in Ju-jitsu about 6 months ago. I had no prior martial arts experience or training. I like it so much that it has become a regular part of my lifestyle.

The benefits of Ju-jitsu to me are numerous, first and foremost you’ll be able to defend yourself if you were ever confronted or find yourself in a situation were someone wanted to bring harm to you.

What I like the most about Ju-jitsu is the fitness aspect of it. Being into fitness and playing sports it compliments me quite nicely that way. Improved cardio,strength, flexibility and overall health and well being. The workouts we do besides the training are great.

But most of all we have a lot of fun and get to meet new people all the time.

I would recommend Ju-jitsu to anybody as it has many benefits and will enhance the quality of your overall health well being. Give it a try".

Phil Hofer


#2 - increased self confidence, self-esteem, and a reduction of fear...

"Ju Jitsu has helped me reach many of my personal goals in life including increased self confidence, self-esteem, and a reduction of fear and anxiety.

Also, the overall state of physical health you gain through Ju Jitsu, allows for you to do more with your time, because you will become less stressed and more energized.

I would highly recommend Ju Jitsu to anyone that wants to improve their life and well-being".

-Joseph Lord


#3 - I have complete confidence in my ability to Defend Myself

"Like many people looking to join a martial arts club, I found the options quite overwhelming. After a great deal of due diligence which included attending classes at several different clubs, I decided to join Ju Jitsu. After just one (complimentary) class I knew it was the Martial Art, and more specifically, the club for me.

Ju Jitsu and Sensei Malcolm Bale take a practical approach to Self Defence. As a result of the training I have received, I have complete confidence in my ability to defend myself if faced with the need to do so.

Sensei Malcolm Bale is, without a doubt, a master in the art of Ju Jitsu. However, it is his ability to pass that knowledge on to others that warrants the greatest merit. Sensei Malcolm constantly challenges you to push your physical and mental boundaries while still keeping the training atmosphere light and fun".

-Stephen Ellis


#4 - I would Recommend Ju Jitsu to Anyone...

"Since being involved with Ju Jitsu I have found a significant increase in my physical fitness, balance and confidence. Classes take place in a fun and relaxed atmosphere with an effective combination of technical training and strength and flexibility excercise.

With enough classes offered every week to ensure that even people like myself who work shift work on a rotating schedule can still devote enough time to keep up with the training. I would reccomend Ju Jitsu to anyone looking to advance themselves."

- Mark Middleton


#5 - a family like atmosphere makes me enjoy every class.

I had been thinking of getting into Martial Arts for many years, but I started only a year ago.

I've been lucky to get to train with Sensei Malcolm that brings out a great deal of determination and commitment from all of us.

Having to work with a great group of people in a family like atmosphere makes me enjoy every class.

Cristian Simescu


#6 - ......Ju-Jitsu is key for my body, mind .....and...

We are looking forward to a third year of training. Ju-Jitsu is key for my body, mind .....and keeps my husband in line ;o) I can't wait to get back on the mats!!!!!

Looking forward to seeing everyone again... and hopefully meeting some new people too!

Mark / Candace


#7 - I find each class is a combination of physical and Interlectual Challenge...

I love Ju Jitsu Rugby for being so practical, focusing on self defense. It has really helped build my confidence.

I find each class is a combination of physical and intellectual training. I'm always being challenged in a really safe and supportive environment.

Joanna Anderson


#8 - Everyone Should at least give it a try...

I've had the opportunity to see people come in for classes wanting to learn self defence. Years later it seems that they have gained much more than an understanding of different techniques.

The opportunity to grow in areas such as confidence, discipline, respect and fitness is so easily accessible with Ju-Jitsu.

For myself, Ju-Jitsu is so practical and beneficial that everyone should at least give it a try.

Matthew Bailey


#9 - You definately get out of the classes, what you put in to them...

Ju Jitsu has increased my height of awareness and self defense. It is a great way to keep up your physical fitness and flexibility.

Sensei Malcolm Bale teaches the art of Jui-Jitsu with a sense of practicality. You always wonder what skill he will bring to the class next!

You definately get out of the classes, what you put in to them.

Steve Farkasdi


#10 - Everyone should give a class a try....

I love Ju jitsu because it is practical. The techniques aren't only for the "strong and big", they are realistic for any shape or size.

I also like being comfortable with my ability to defend myself if I ever had the need to. Ju jitsu is constantly a challenge, but the atmosphere and people don’t make it impossible.

Everyone should give a class a try!

Amy Mckinnon


#11- The fellowship is wonderful, the art is clever, and...

I started Ju Jitsu approximatly six years ago, just because I was interested in different grappling techniques. I stayed so long because of the people I have met, and how it has helped me to grow as a person.

The fellowship is wonderful, the art is clever, and I have a keener understanding of people because of the time spent with my friends.

Dean Beairsto


#12 - Keeps The Kids Engaged Whilst Ensuring Focus...

"As parents of one of the young kids in the Juniors class, we see numerous benefits in our child's participation in the classes. These range from the obvious physical benefits of Ju-jitsu to the awareness of personal safety around strangers and learning respect, discipline and self-discipline.

The kids are also encouraged to incorporate these values at home and at school. Sensei Malcolm has a great sense of humor that he incorporates into the classes to keep the kids engaged while also ensuring the kids focus and take their training seriously."

Steve (Junior Parent)


#13 - I Got The Best Surprise...

"In January of 2009 my daughter convinced me to join a self defence Ju Jitsu club that she had heard about.

I was very nervous about the whole idea thinking that it was going to be a bunch of 20 year olds trying to outdo each other and I would end up killing myself trying to keep up.

I got the best surprise though. There were all ages and abilities at the class and I did not feel out of place. In April we convinced my husband to join and we all feel much better and look better also. We have met new friends and feel like a member of a family when we attend class rather than just going to an impersonal gym for a workout.

The higher belts are always more than willing to help us improve and Sensai Malcolm makes it a very enjoyable experience as we learn very important aspects of self defense and self control.

My husband and I are grandparents and the Ju Jitsu has enabled us to keep up with our 2 year old grandson. We plan on continuing to be a part of this club so we can remain healthy and active as we watch our children and grandchildren grow".

Richard and Bernice Taubert


#14 - I discovered Ju Jitsu, I found a club offering everything I was looking for...

“I’ve been training in Ju Jitsu for nine months, after having trained various styles of martial arts over the last eight years. Ju Jitsu had interested me for several years but it wasn’t until I discovered Ju Jitsu that I found a club offering everything I was looking for. Sensei Malcolm has not only high level technical knowledge but also a level of personal integrity difficult to find in today’s day and age. His love of Ju Jitsu is reflected not only in his dedication to the dojo but also in his consideration of his students.

Personally, I was looking for a club where not only I could train, but where I could enrol my children in order to pass along my love of Martial Arts. Having trained at various clubs in the past I can say that Rugby Ju Jitsu’s Little Samurai program is second to none. Sensei Malcolm and Sempai Sean are fantastic with the children, instilling discipline and raising their safety awareness while at the same time having fun. Every week my children can’t wait for Ju Jitsu class.

I am grateful for a dojo where I can not only learn high level Ju Jitsu but also do so in a welcoming family environment.”



#15 - My Doctor actually shook my hand and said he had never seen such a drastic change in a persons health...

I started training at Jiu Jitsu Calgary 6 months ago. Having been severely overweight (100 pound plus) I was somewhat reluctant to begin any kind of regiment that would interfere with my less than healthy lifestyle. Fortunately I started a new job where I got to know Sensei Malcolm. 
After about 6 months of prodding by him, and procrastinating by myself, I decided to give it a try. It was one of the best decisions of my life.
When I started I had the usual fears of starting a new program with a lot of people who had been there longer and had more training than myself, but the fears were soon put to rest by the helpfulness of the people that I thought I would feel intimidated by. Not only were they eager to help, but they also gave me the confidence to pursue a complete change in my life as well as my attitude towards it. 
Maybe someday you may see my story in a book, with the foreword being a tribute to Sensei Malcolm,  Kelly also helped me develop a better nutritional plan than the fast food one that I had taught myself, and the other students who constantly surprise me with their support. 
Drop by the club and feel free to talk Sensei Malcolm or myself about the complete life change that I have achieved with the help of this training.
If you knew me then and now you wouldn't believe it, I still have trouble doing so. And if I can do it so can you. 
Just a footnote, after getting a physical examination after training for only 4 months, my Doctor actually shook my hand and said he had never seen such a drastic change in a persons health, which by the way he said is now perfect. 
Thank you

Alex Wilson



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