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Martial Arts for Older People in Rugby

At Ju Jitsu Rugby we are one of the very few organisations who teach specifically for Self Defense.

Let's face it, as we grow older, we become more of a target to those who, lets say - have an inclination to prey on apparently weaker targets.

It makes total sense to learn some effective self defense through a regular program and get help staying fit at the same time.

Martial arts

There is absolutely no reason why older people cannot train as there are Martial Arts for Older people in Rugby.

We appreciate the fact that as your body grows older there are more physical challenges. To keep working the body, to exercise sensibly and to participate in functional exercise will help your body and your mind.

Our Program teaches a very simple and very effective system of Self Defense. All of the techniques consist of gross motor skills so can be carried out by virtually anyone.

We have a "Masters Program" which basically encourages older people to train in all the regular techniques, however, when it comes to being thrown, taken down to the ground, held in joint locks etc we have younger students who actually enjoy that side of training.

We capitalise on the fact that there are others who are willing and able to be thrown around without risk of injury.

Throw others and not be thrown around yourself.


What do our Martial arts for older people cover? - We cover all the regular techniques that are carried out in our Ju-Jitsu class-

  • Targetng and Striking
  • Ground Defense
  • Hold Escapes
  • The weapon of Opportunity
  • Pressure Point Control Tactics (PPCT)
  • Weapons Defense
  • Take-Downs
  • Hold-Downs


How Old is too old? - You tell me! - If Martial arts is something that you want to try then come along and give it a go.

Our system has to be built around the individual. Techniques have to be tweaked to suit different people, different sizes, different weights, different strengths - everyone is different so it makes sense that the techniques will have their differences.


Advice - If you want some advice regarding Martial Arts for Older People, then please do not hesitate in contacting me directly, I have spent many years in Martial arts and I will be only too pleased to give you some advice. It's what we do!

I look forward to hearing from you. (403) 828-1039

or use the Contact us

Sensei - Malcolm Bale - Head Instructor (3rdDegree Blackbelt in Ju-Jitsu)


Please Note - There are several variations on the spelling too such as - Ju-Jitsu, JuJutsu, Ju-Jitsu

The Benefits of Ju-Jitsu at our school in Rugby -

Stay Fit and Healthy

Learn an Effective System of Self Defense

Increase your Confidence

Increase your flexibility

Increase your Strength

Quality time at Ju-Jitsu-Rugby

We have a very good group of people training at Ju Jitsu Rugby. We have many Instructors who are very able and very keen to help you.

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