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MMA in Rugby

There are several options for MMA in Rugby

First off let's define what exactly is MMA. In Rugby you will see that there are several options available to you.
MMA stands for "Mixed Martial arts"
. It is a full contact sport that allows a wide variety of techniques from different styles of Martial arts, both stand-up and on the ground.

Ju-Jitsu itself could be classed as the original Mixed Martial art", Ju Jitsu forms the basis of Judu, Karate and Aikido. This combines a mixture of Throwing techniques, Striking techniques and Joint Manipulating techniques
. These variousbstyles were extracted from Ju Jitsu.

There are schools that teach MMA in Rugby, As with starting any Martial art, go and watch a few sessions before you commit yourself, speak to the Instructor and even join in with a few classes to make sure it is exactly what you are looking for.

It is a competitive Sport based system, Before starting MMA Arts in Rugby or any other place, take note that it first and foremost a competitive sport, it is not directed specifically at Self Defense or Traditional Art.

What will I learn if I started MMA in Rugby? - Training incorporates techniques from Kick Boxing, Muay Tai, Wrestling and various Submission types of styles.

Also note that there is a big difference between Competitive Martial Arts and Self Defense. Yes, there may be an overlap of some techniques but many ideas taught for competition are not practical for the average person to carry out in an attack type of situation.

If you are looking for advice on starting Martial arts in Rugby, please do not hesitate to Contact Us

Family atmosphere -

There is a family atmosphere in our school, and parents are encouraged to support the progress of their children. We encourage parents to take classes along with their children.

Quality time -

The quality time spent together participating in Ju-Jitsu has proven to be tremendously beneficial in having a long lasting bonding effect.

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