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Kids Martial Arts Programs in Calgary


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There are so many benefits to be gained through Martial Arts - Especially For Childen.

So many of our current adult students who started Martial Arts as adults, have just one regret - They only wish they had started Martial Arts Years ago, simply because they have now realised and experienced some of the benefits attainable.

We have the following Children's Classes available:

- Little Samurai - 5-8 years old

- Juniors - 8-12 years old

Your Kids are going to benefit significantly by increasing their General Safety Awareness, the physical and health benefits are fantastic too.

We ensure all the kids have a great deal of fun to ensure they want to keep coming back for more.

As a parent, you know your kids will benefit by learning about Discipline, Self Discipline, Respect and Focus. Attributes that will last a life time.

The Benefits of a Martial Arts Program for Children are Incredible:

  • Confidence
  • Self Esteem
  • Coordination
  • Focus
  • Discipline
  • Health
  • Weight Control
  • Friendship
  • Trust
  • Commitment
  • Strength

The List goes on but you will notice significant improvements in many areas.


Parent Testimonial

Sensei Malcolm Keeps The Kids Engaged Whilst Ensuring Focus...

"As parents of one of the young kids in the Juniors class, we see numerous benefits in our child's participation in the classes. These range from the obvious physical benefits of Ju-jitsu to the awareness of personal safety around strangers and learning respect, discipline and self-discipline.

The kids are also encouraged to incorporate these values at home and at school. Sensei Malcolm has a great sense of humor that he incorporates into the classes to keep the kids engaged while also ensuring the kids focus and take their training seriously."

Steve (Junior Parent)

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A Family atmosphere at Ju Jitsu Calgary -

There is a friendly, family atmosphere in our school, and we encourage parents to support the progress of their own children. We encourage parents to take classes along with their children if they have older children (12+).

Quality time at Ju-Jitsu-Calgary

The quality time spent together participating in Ju-Jitsu has proven to be tremendously beneficial in having a long lasting bonding effect.

It's been said many times -
"Those who Kick together, Stick Together".

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