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Beginner Ju Jitsu

looking to start a Martial arts Program? - Perfect

Your Opportunity to start from the beginning -

Our Monday evening class is specifically designed for someone just staring out, come down and try a few classes to ensure we are exactly what you are looking for.

A combination of Judo (Throwing Techniques), Karate (Striking Techniques) and Aikido (Joint Manipulations).

As everyone is different with size, weight and strength, techniques have to be manipulated to suit the individual. This is where smaller class sizes and one-on-one instruction becomes so valuable in order for you to take advantage of leverage and momentum.

Ju Jitsu Rugby will help remove the advantage of attacker size, weight, height and reach, evening the odds and making it accessible to both genders. It's also great for building self-confidence, self-esteem and developing character.

Ju Jitsu is the original Mixed Martial Art, it is the art from which many others were formed.

Through our Beginner Ju Jitsu Program, you will quickly become confident in our core techniques, the foundation for our art. It is important to establish a firm foundation.

See our Full Training Schedule for complete details

Come and Try a few lessons for Free, we want to ensure that you have found the right Art as much as we want to ensure that we have found the right person to teach our valuable skills. Please contact us for more info or to set up your free trial lessons.

Class Schedule - Please Contact Us for class dates and times as we will shortly have many more options available.

Gross Motor Skills that virtually all people can perform:

Self Defense must be simple to be effective, therfore all of techniques consist of simple body movements. Most people are simply not capable of performing fine motor skills whilst in a high stress situation, like that of an attack.

Our 3 Minute Rule:

If we cannot teach you a technique in 3 minutes or less or you cannot assimilate it in 3 minutes or less, then we do not teach it - It's a simple as that.

Our Beginner Ju-Jitsu Program will give you an ideal foundation, a good base of skill and knowledge of Self Defense and a solid foundation on which to build.

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